That's how we Sell Your Business

That's How We Sell Your Business



The Guide for Sellers

Selling ones business is a unique decision in an entrepreneurs career. It can be complicated, complex and even emotional. It is crucial to be well-prepared in order to avoid costly mistakes and ensure a quick and smooth sale of the company.

We, the International Business Organization (IBO), have been very succesful in helping business owners to find solvent buyers for over 17 years. With this guide, we decided to publish our approach of how we prepare and manage a complete business sale.


Read this guide carefully and learn the following:

  • What is your business worth?
  • How can we increase your business value?
  • Which documents do we need to sell your business quick but still reputable?
  • How can we ensure Confidentiality and still consult potential buyers properly?
  • What do potential buyers want to know?
  • How do we organize the process of selling your business?

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