HJB Consulting – Your Way to more Success

Strategically thinking, decisions and risks manage – the basis for successful enterprises and capital investors.

Capital investors look for solutions for:

Can I use the globalization for the structure of fortune?

Does the interest rise affect my fortune?

Can I protect myself against the next crash?

Commercials ask: Can I reduce the bank costs?

Can I mean calculation with the large price fluctuations in „the supply chain management“ to optimize and safeguard costs reduce.

Can I invest my free Cash better?

Both ask themselves also:

Does my advisor work only for me and have the products and commercial alternatives fair prices?Even if you these questions place yourselves you are correct with the HJB consulting. HJB consulting is on it specializes private people and enterprises in financial questions to support to advise and accompany. The independence from financial groups, a transparent cost structure (kickbacks) and an success-oriented fee make us the partner of the customers.

We offer to you:

independent consultation with the structuring of private clients (USA&EU)

management of assets and shareholding/real estate outside of the USA

management of assets in the USA (*) solutions for institutional asset management cash-flow optimization with industrial projects (e.g. exploration, industry)

the financial risk-management: interest optimization (maturities, change of interest), currencies and raw materials (micro/macrohedges), security stocks in the fixed assets (micro/macrohedges).

(* = the portfolio management for private USA-residence is subject in the regulations of FDIC and is not possible for us at present yet)Three decades at the financial markets taught Hans-Juergen Brandt, the most important are it the markets exactly to be observed and decisions regularly analyzed. The experiences as “professional trader” at LIFFE, as institutional asset- and project managers and in the bank leadership level led to knowledge of the structures of the financial industry. As „Dipl. Bankbetriebswirt “and „MBA “he developed his own risk-management-systematic and since 1999 successfully in practice. Value losses could be avoided in the crashes 2001 and 2008 as far as possible.